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About Catrielah

An Artist Through the Lens

Welcome to CULTURAL GEMS- the portrait photography website featuring the works of visual artist, Cathrielah B. Israel.  Cathrielah is a visual artist on a mission, a mission to unveil the special gifts and inner essence as well as beauty and soul of her subject, the spirit that the Creator blessed them with.  


Delving deep into the things that most inspire her, she creates images of what she imagines ancient royalty could have looked like – a vibrant visualization of people adorned in colorful, regal garments emanating modesty and natural beauty.    No make-up artists are used but rather what she calls cultural wardrobe stylists.   In addition, the people in her images are not professional models but people she has known for years and who are dear to her.   


Her images are infused with the backdrop of the diverse topography of Israel, the Holy Land. She has lived in Israel since she was a teenager, immigrating with her family in 1970.   Native Chicagoans, they left America in 1967 and first settled in Liberia, West Africa.  Her family lived in Liberia for 2 ½ years before immigrating to Israel.   Cathrielah grew up in Dimona, a development town located in the southern, dessert region of Israel known as the Negev.  She currently resides in the Village of Peace, an urban kibbutz located in Dimona.  

The current body of work on display was inspired by her mentor/ professional portrait photographer, Mathew Jordan Smith.  He told her to “shoot what you love and just be you.”    That is exactly what she has done and will continue to do.  With that being said, partake and enjoy the visual artistry of Cathrielah!

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